Parched in Palestine: Resisting Water Apartheid 

The Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine and are organizing a webinar as a lead-up to the 2022 World Water Day.

Saturday, March 19, 1:00 – 2:30 PM (Eastern Time in USA & Canada)

The webinar will focus on Israel’s water apartheid policies and how the effort to drive Palestinians from the land is being resisted.

Speakers include:
Jehad Abusalim, Gaza-born Education & Policy Coordinator at American Friends Service Committee

Nidal Al-Azraq, a Palestinian refugee who is Executive Director of US-based

Shatha Al-Azzeh, Director of the Environment Unit at Lajee Center, Aida Refugee Camp

Mohammed Obidallah, water and environmental management expert in Battir Municipality

Lubnah Shomali, human rights defender and advocacy manager at Badil Resource Center

Also featured: short videos highlighting new forms of resistance that are taking shape.

To Register:

Co-sponsors: Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia, Black and Pink – MA, American Friends Service Committee – New England, Cambridge/Bethlehem People-to-People Project, City Life/Vida Urbana, Deeper than Water Coalition, Dorchester People for Peace, Eyewitness Palestine, Grassroots International, Green Roots, Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston, Human Rights Awareness: Palestine Israel, Massachusetts Peace Action, North American Indian Center of Boston, Peace & Social Justice Committee of Friends Meeting Cambridge, Social Justice Group – UU Church in Harvard, Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East, United American Indians of New England, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice & the Environment.

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