Beyond Tazreen – Dec 5, 2015

The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia

invites you to a Commemorative Meeting

Beyond Tazreen

Saturday 3 pm – December 5, 2015

Presentations by

Saydia Gulrukh, Nafisa Tanjeem, Paul Malachi and Tarif Rahman

followed by an open discussion

MIT Room 56-167

On November 24, 2012, a fire broke out in a garments factory “Tazreen” in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over 120 workers were burnt alive and more than twice as many injured.

Tazreen is neither the first nor the last tragedy to fall upon garment workers in South Asia. Punishing “fast-fashion” deadlines of multinational buyers, below poverty wages, gender violence, and subverted unionization attempts sum the life of over four million garment workers in Bangladesh. The rivalry between political parties are put aside in common accord of the state and factory owners against workers.

Is a better world possible? What role does a garments industry have in the path to development and the alleviation of poverty? How does the neglect of rural needs factor in mass unemployment and rock-bottom urban worker wages? Are countries such as Bangladesh locked in low wage employment and transfer of profits overseas? How can solidarity help workers in their day to day struggle?

Please join us for a meeting “Beyond Tazreen”. Briefs by local and Bangladesh based labor activists will be followed by audience participation.

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