Memorandum on The Indian River Linking Project (IRLP)

Supported by Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia বাংলাদেশ পরিবেশ নেটওয়ার্ক (বেন) A global network to help Bangladesh protect her environment Background On February 27, the Indian Supreme Court ordered the Indian government to start implementing the Indian River Linking Project (IRLP) within 30 days and complete it by 2016.[1] TheContinue reading “Memorandum on The Indian River Linking Project (IRLP)”

The River Linking Project – who pays and who gains

Sunday, May 13, 20124pm-6pmRoom 2-143 (MIT)77 Mass Ave, Cambridge The Indian Supreme Court in February of this year ordered the Government of India to implement an ambitious project to link the major rivers of the region in a “time-bound manner”. This $150 billion project is to interconnect rivers to transfer water from where it isContinue reading “The River Linking Project – who pays and who gains”

A talk by Aruna Roy – Sunday, April 15, 2012

MIT Bush Room (10-105)77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge MA The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia presentsA talk by Aruna Roy Transparency and Accountability in Governance: Current Challenges in India Aruna Roy is an Indian political and social activist (and former member of the Indian Administrative Service) who founded the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti SangathanaContinue reading “A talk by Aruna Roy – Sunday, April 15, 2012”

Forest Notes on the Maoists – Sunday, April 1, 2012, | Time: 4:00PM

Room: MIT 3-133 Bio: Alpa Shah is a social anthropologist at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is interested in inequality and efforts to address it. She has drawn on more than a decade of field research in India to explore how marginalized people experience indigenous rights activism and Adivasi politics; poverty, the developmental state andContinue reading “Forest Notes on the Maoists – Sunday, April 1, 2012, | Time: 4:00PM”

Remember Gujarat

An Evening of RemembranceIn Film, Poetry, and Reflection on March 11, 2012, Sunday at 4pm MIT Room 4-231 Please join us to mark the 10th year of the Gujarat massacre, in which thousands of people, mostly Muslims, were killed and about 200,000 internally displaced in the period between February-March 2002. Our event will start withContinue reading “Remember Gujarat”

Uprisings: Kashmir to Wall Street

A talk byDavid BarsamianJanuary 18th, 6:30PMRoom 4-163, MIT One of America’s most tireless and wide-ranging investigative journalists,David Barsamian has altered the independent media landscape, both with hisweekly radio show Alternative Radio—now in its 26th year—and with hisbooks, written with Noam Chomsky, Eqbal Ahmad, Howard Zinn, Tariq Ali,Arundhati Roy and Edward Said. His latest book ofContinue reading “Uprisings: Kashmir to Wall Street”

Events Organized

The Alliance has: Organized lectures and panel discussions on politcal issues of relevance to South Asia, with noted activists and scholars, such as Asghar Ali Engineer (social scientist from India), Asma Jahangir (human rights activist from Pakistan), Ananad Patwardhan (activist film director from India), Maitrayee Choudhury (on the Uniform Civil Code) and Noam Chomsky ScreenedContinue reading “Events Organized”