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Full Audio: Lecture by Romila Thapar on ’Indian Society and the Secular’
August 20, 2015 

Link from "Communalism Watch":

Link from "South Asia Citizens Web":

On Letters from alleged Maoist informer Soni Sori  by (Umang Kumar, February 2012)

BEN statement on Garo leader, Mr. Choles Pritchil's death from torture - April, 2007

Eco-Parks Take Away Garo Livelihood, journal of  events by Sustainable Development Networking Program, Bangladesh

Garos issue ultimatum to cancel Modhupur eco-park scheme
  Daily Star, January 6, 2004

Summary of the police firing on Garo people protesting against the government's "Eco Parks" by Fr. Liton H. Gomes csc, Returned from Modhupur Forest, Dist. Tangail, Bangladesh, January 2004

Article on the police firing with background information,  by Philip Gain - Dhaka Courier,  January 9, 2004