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Literature and videos that we have:
Name Description
ECLIPSE Womens movement in Bangladesh and the reaction of the religious right. Color (English). 60 min.
Documentaries by Anand Patwardhan Documentaries by Anand Patwardhan, including Bombay Our City, In Memory of Friends, Father, Son and the Holy War. and Ram ke Naam ( (documentary on incidents leading to the destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992).
SOMETHING LIKE A WAR Feminist perspective on Reproductive & Sexual Rights in India. Color (English). 60 min.
PATENT PENDING Biodiversity and the Rights of Farmers in India. Color (English). 30 min.
IN THE DUST OF DEVELOPMENT Displacement and dispossession of Adivasis (indigenous people) in India. Color (English). 30 min.
KILLING FIELDS OF ANDHRA Human Rights. Color. (English). 60 min
WOMENS TESTIMONIES FROM KASHMIR Report (text) of fact finding team in Kashmir, May 1994
PEOPLES VERDICT Report (text) of the Citizens Tribunal on the communal riots of 1992-1993
REPORT ON WAR CRIMINALS Summary Report (Text) of the Peoples Enquiry Commission of Bangladesh on current status of 1971 war criminals
Report on violence against Hindu Community in Bangladesh Report on violence against Hindu Community in Bangladesh following
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