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Partial list of relevant organizations

Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (Bangladesh Environment Movement, BAPA

This is an umbrella organization of  environmental activists from all walks of life in Bangladesh.  This is not an NGO; it is an organization of volunteers. BEN has closely with BAPA. to support various initiatives in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association

The Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association seeks to bring the benefits of public-interest legal representation on environmental matters to the people of Bangladesh.

Environment Nepal

Nepal's environment group.

South Asia Citizens Web

Citizens initiatives of South Asia and diasporas


Links related to specific topics are available from their own pages.  The following is a partial compilation.

On arsenic disaster of Bangladesh, there are many good reports by  Dr. Masud Karim/(Dainichi):

Some more on Arsenic:

West Bengal and Bangladesh Arsenic Crisis Information center

Online focal point for the environmental health disaster in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, where millions of people are drinking ground water heavily contaminated with arsenic. Site includes infobank of news articles, scientific papers, comprehensive links to other relevant sites, online forum, email newsletter, and local site search. Additional keywords: pollution, environment, disaster, arsenicosis, heavy metal, toxicity


USAID  & NSF project to model and  forecast floods in Brahmaputra region.

CFAB - Climate Forecast Applications in Bangladesh,


Novarti Foundation for Sustainable Development:


New ideas in Pollution Research

A site for researchers, government officials, and citizens interested in understanding and improving control of industrial pollution, especially in developing countries. NIPR is the primary source for materials produced by the World Bank's Economics of Industrial Pollution Control Research Project.


Tata Energy Research Institute

Towards more sustainable and efficient use of world's natural resources