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In the 63 years of India's formal independence from foreign rule, there has not been a single year when the state was not engaged in a war in one or another part of this country. Today the Indian state is involved in armed conflict, covert and overt, in 235 of the total of 636 districts of the country. These include not only Kashmir and the North-Eastern states but also, since 2009, several states in the forested regions of East-Central India. At the same time, a war of structural violence is being waged: 47% of children, age 0-6, suffer from malnutrition, malnourishment, and stunted growth.  In the last few years, this is being accelerated by genocidal economic policies - particularly with respect to food.


We invite you to join us on March 27 at MIT to discuss these pressing issues with Gautam Navlakha who brings extensive first-hand experience to his analysis of this situation. Moderated by  Prof. Deepankar Basu, Dept. of Economics, UMass Amherst.


India - The War Within


A Conversation with Gautam Navlakha


Sunday March 27 2011, 4:30 pm

MIT 4 237


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Gautam Navlakha is a human rights and civil liberties activist and is a secretary of the People's Union for Democratic Rights; he is also the Editorial Consultant for the Economic and Political Weekly and has written widely on Kashmir, the Northeast and Chhattisgarh. 


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